Vice-President Winnipeg Region

Andrew Carrier has served in the political sector for a number of years, holding a variety of roles and titles throughout his career.  However, the first thing their friends and family will tell you is that he has never forgotten where he came from or who he's been fighting for.  Committed to change in our region, Andrew Carrier has set the standards high, and will not stop fighting until a proper balance has been reached.  To learn more about Andrew Carrier, please explore the site and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Merci.

Contact Andrew Carrier:

Office Phone: (204) 589-4327
Cell Phone: (204) 797-2455
Fax Number: (204) 582-2711
E-mail: acarrier@mmf.mb.ca

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Regional Director Winnipeg Region

With over 40 years of volunteer experience, and 30 years within the Métis community. JoAnne is no stranger to Métis Politics

Elected twice over 5 years as Director with a Métis provincial organization.


Chairperson – Métis Consultation Committee – for “Duty to Consult” with government officials and proponents within the solar power industry and the nuclear power plant electrical generation industry.


Women’s Rep for Métis community council. Elected twice to sit as Secretary for the MMF – Local Advisory Committee - (LAC).


As Winnipeg Metis Association Regional Director JoAnne also was appointed to the Metis Child and Family Services portfolio as Associate Minister by President Chartrand. With every meeting that she attends, JoAnne always has the best interest of our Metis children in mind.

JoAnne is also a successful Entrepreneur with a home-based business and as well as Vice-President on her church board.


She also has Business Management Diploma (Honours), and Natural Health Sciences Diploma.

Contact JoAnne Remillard:

Office Phone: (204) 589-4327
Fax Number: (204) 582-2711
E-mail: joanne.remillard@mmf.mb.ca

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Regional Director Winnipeg Region

Manitoba born Métis, a husband to a wonderful wife with a great step son and has four children. My mother is Agnes Lavallee; of St. Laurent and my father is Charles Omer Beaudin; of St. Eustache.

As a citizen of the Manitoba Métis Federation for over 30 years I have attended many events and AGA’s. In 2003 myself and eight other Metis Citizens formed the New Horizons Metis Local during which I was honoured to be elected the first chairperson, a position that I respected for close to 15Years. During my time as New Horizons  chairperson I was also honoured to be elected 3 times to the Winnipeg Region LAC, and served as its chairperson for one term.  This also included being elected to represent the LAC at the Provincial board.

In June of 2018 I was honoured to be elected by the Winnipeg Region Citizens to the position of Regional Director. It was a further honour to accept an appointment from President Chartrand to the Provincial Education portfolio as Associate Minister. In April 2021 I was further appointed as Minister of Agriculture by President Chartrand. Then in the fall of 2021 the MMF created the Red River Metis Fur Company and I was added as one of the initial  company directors.



Contact David Beaudin:
Office Phone: (204) 589-4327
Fax Number: (204) 582-2711
E-mail: david.beaudin@mmf.mb.ca




Adrienne Carriere is a Metis woman from San Clara, Manitoba and has resided in Winnipeg since 1991. She has been a member of the Executive with both the St. Norbert Parish-La Barriere Parish Métis Council
and the South-Central Metis Council.


She is currently a member with Lii Michif Otipemisiwak Local. Adrienne served on the Local Advisory Committee (LAC) for the Winnipeg Region for four years and was a Board Member with the Louis Riel Institute. She is currently the Infinity Women Secretariat Board Representative for the Winnipeg Region and looks forward to continuing her work as an advocate to ensure Metis women and children have more opportunities and options available to them.

Adrienne graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree in 1994 and worked at the Native Women’s Transition Centre where she provided support to women and children who experienced domestic violence.


She was a strong advocate to the women when dealing with Child and Family Services, Manitoba Justice, Employment and Income Assistance and other systems. She accepted a position with the University of Manitoba Access Programs in 1997 as an academic counsellor and provided support and advocacy with Indigenous students who experienced academic, social/personal and financial barriers to education.


She completed a Masters’ Degree in Adult Education in 2006 and became the Associate Director of Access and Aboriginal Focus Programs in 2012. She is currently the Indigenous Lead in the Division of Extended Education at the U of M and teaches in the Applied Counselling Certificate Program as well as the Faculty of Social Work.

Email: Adrienne Carriere acarrie38@gmail.com


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