• Winnipeg Metis

Liberty Local - Chase The Ace Fundraiser

Next chance to win is July 19th, 2019 with a remaining 10 cards, there are no remaining jokers and the pot is at an amazing $19,953.00. Where : Nicolett Inn 632 Rue LeFleche St. Boniface, Winnipeg, MB Venue capacity is limited, come early When: Every Friday 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM Starting September 07, 2018 Everyone is welcome Tickets will be $2.00 each Max 40 tickets per person. We will start with a complete deck of cards including the 2 jokers (54 cards in total). The weekly winner will get an automatic $50.00 and a chance to pick a card to win a minimum of $2500.00 major prize. If the weekly winner pulls out a joker, he/she will recieve an extra $150.00. The card that you need to win the pot is the Ace of Spades . Pot may increase every week till the Ace of Spades is drawn. Manitoba LGA 1787